Mar 8th DeleteZero is prepared to serve customers during COVID-19 crisis

During this unprecedented period challenging the world’s health and economy, DeleteZero stands ready to support our employees and serve our customers and public safety. For some locations, conditions are starting to improve, yet in many parts of the world the pandemic continues to create uncertainty. Acknowledging that, we’ll extend our ... Read More »

Oct 13th DeleteZero - Poised to grow Stronger and Bigger with Launch of Bengaluru Datacenter

DeleteZero proud to announce the launch of their Datacenter in  Bengaluru, India, expanding footprint in India. This is our 2nd Datacenter in the India and 9th worldwide including Singapore, Germany, Canada, Amsterdam, London, USA, UAE & Mumbai,  from the other POP locations.  With this launch, the Datacenter will serve strategic ... Read More »